Welcome to Concordia's Department of Religion


Message from the Chair


Welcome to the Department of Religion. Established in 1958, we are the oldest religion department in Canada, and one of the oldest and largest in North America, with sixteen full-time faculty and nearly 100 graduate students. We offer a broad array of courses and seminars that cover all the major religious traditions of the world, and reflect our faculty's research strengths in multiple overlapping and interdisciplinary field areas.

Let me highlight a few exciting facts about our department:

  • Since 2005, our faculty members have published over 40 books and edited volumes, and been awarded nearly 4.0 million dollars in external research grants.
  • Religion professors have won three Dean's Awards since their institution in 2006: Lorenzo DiTommaso (New Scholar Award 2006), André Gagné (New Scholar Award 2010), and Carly Daniel-Hughes (Award for Teaching Excellence 2011). In 2010, Donald Boisvert won the Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching, while in 2012 Carly Daniel-Hughes won the President's Excellence in Teaching Award (New Teacher).
  • We have three superb graduate programs, two that lead to the M.A. degree, and one that leads to the Ph.D. Our large, research-oriented faculty is able to offer graduate supervision in full disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth, supported by a world-class collection of libraries in Montréal. Our most recent addition is the Nag Hammadi Seminar.

I invite you to explore our website and discover more about us.

Lorenzo DiTommaso

Chair, Department of Religion


Concordia University